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When Scalability Isn't Just a Benefit - It's a Requirement

SnapServer XSR 120

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From the small business to the enterprise organization, one of the critical day-to-day data center challenges to combat is managing an ever increasing volume of data. With the exponential growth in email, web and offline information, making the right storage decision with expansion in mind is key to saving money and time.

Overland Storage creates flexible, easy-to-manage systems for expert planning and deployment of business continuity - guaranteeing that your storage choice is ready to grow with your business when you need it to.

The SnapExpansion chassis is a 2U, 12-bay SAS connected expansion unit for growing the SnapServer DX1 or DX2 systems. The SnapExpansion supports SAS and SATA hard drives and allows capacity growth by creating additional DynamicRAID storage pools.

Add the optional SAS expansion card to the SnapServer DX1 and attach up to three SnapExpansion chassis to grow storage up to 120TB.

The SnapServer DX2 includes the SAS expansion card that allows for seven SnapExpansion chassis to be attached to scale up to 288TB in total space.


SnapServer DX Series

SnapServer DX Series™ is the first data storage that you don't have to provision. At the core of this revolution is DynamicRAID®, a standards-based technology that gives you the ability to automatically expand storage pools and storage volumes independently, optimize your data protection levels and increase capacity with zero downtime. DynamicRAID provides the exibility you need to manage your storage infrastructure without manual intervention, so that your business can grow without interruption. SnapServer DX Series is the simplest united NAS and iSCSI SAN storage for modern business applications - from virtualized server and Microsoft Exchange environments to backup and storage consolidation. Built on the proven GuardianOS® platform with integrated features like snapshots and replication, SnapServer DX Series lets any business run its storage like an enterprise, at one-tenth the cost. It's storage as it should be.

DynamicRAID - The Future of Storage Provisioning is No Provisioning
With DynamicRAID, SnapServer DX Series RAID arrays are optimized and maintained automatically as drives are added, giving you the best redundancy and capacities available in the market. Easily add drives of larger capacities and integrate them within existing storage pools without sacrificing valuable new space. The DynamicRAID features apply equally to both file sharing and iSCSI volumes created on the SnapServer, making it ideal for both file level and block level access. With Dynamic Volumes improve storage utilization efficiency by making unallocated space available on demand for other applications. Volumes can be resized dynamically at any time, or set without limits. Lower your cost overhead by distributing all volumes across the available storage pool and adapt quickly to changing needs of your storage environment.

Snap Enterprise Data Replicator - Protect the Worlds Most Important Data…Yours
Traditional backup cannot always protect against disaster; ideally data must be moved off-site, and must be instantly available to any global access point. Snap Enterprise Data Replicator™ (Snap EDR) is a high performance data replication solution with the industry's most comprehensive set of data management and security-capable disaster recovery tools. With flexible data movement options, Snap EDR can replicate data in small offices or large distributed environments. Send files between two SnapServers with the simple replication tool; aggregate files from multiple servers at remote locations back to a corporate datacenter; or distribute files from headquarters to field offices all over the world. With tools such as byte-level differencing, bandwidth throttling, compression, and encryption, Snap EDR will automate your data protection efficiently and securely, and make sure your data is readily available when you need it most.

Expansion - to 380 Terabytes and Beyond
SnapServer DX Series is the only rack-mount NAS unit in its class that expands to greater than 380TBs. Expand beyond any SnapServer DX system with the SnapExpansion chassis; a serial attached SCSI expansion chassis that allows you to add additional drive capacity to keep up with the most dynamic storage environments. Start with as few as two hard drives and seamlessly expand your storage pool as your business grows by adding up to an additional 94 SAS or SATA hard drives. You no longer have to purchase more storage than you need at any given time with the powerful combination of SnapServer DX and SnapExpansion.

Advanced Security - Intelligence Matters
The SnapServer DX Series is powered by the industry proven SnapServer GuardianOS®, with cross-platform user access and built in advanced security. The SnapServer can provide local security for small infrastructures or join larger networks that include complex security implementations. In a Windows environment, the SnapServer can join an Active Directory Domain and automatically stay synchronized with the full set of 30 distinct AD permission attributes. For UNIX and Linux security, the SnapServer GuardianOS supports Network Information Services to integrate within your existing NIS user and group database. Finally, for mixed environments, the SnapServer allows you to maintain consistent permissions for users with multiple system types with Windows-to-UNIX ID Mapping. With the Home Directories feature, the SnapServer can automatically create secure folders for individual user logging in. The SnapServer DX Series will fit into any environment and constantly adapt to complex and changing security requirements

Unified Storage - Freedom of Choice
Have storage your way with the SnapServer DX Series by not limiting yourself to individual storage protocols. Connect to your SnapServer with any client type and share files across Windows, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh platforms. Along with file services, the SnapServer iSCSI feature enables you to easily consolidate your block level storage across multiple servers in localized, distributed and virtualized environments. Store both block and file data concurrently on the SnapServer DX Series with and manage under a single, flexible interface. Simplify your IT infrastructure by consolidating your storage infrastructure into a single SnapServer to handle all of your dynamic business storage requirements.

Technical Specifications:

SnapExpansion Specifications
Form Factor 2U rackmount
System Scalability 600GB-36TB
Drives Supported SAS / SATA
RAID Levels Traditional RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 or Dynamic RAID dual or single parity
Network Connectivity None
Capabilities Adding additional storage pools to a SnapServer DX system.
Support Platforms SnapServer DX Series
Operating System N/A
Management Managed by the SnapServer GuardianOS
Network File Protocols N/A
iSCSI Support N/A
Snapshots N/A
Replication N/A
Microsoft Active Directory Support N/A
VMware Support N/A
Form Factor 2U rackmount
CPU and Memory N/A
Drive Configuration Up to 12 x SATA or SAS
RAID Levels DynamicRAID Single or Dual Parity / Traditional RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 11
Drive Types Supported SAS: 300GB, 600GB | 15K RPM
Enterprise SATA: 1TB, 2TB,3TB | 7,200 RPM
Desktop SATA: 1TB, 2TB, 3TB | 7,200 RPM
Network Connectivity N/A
USB Interface No
Expansion Array N/A
Expansion Array Interface 6Gb SAS
Local Backup Interface N/A
Physical / Mounting Width 17.17 in (436.1 mm)
Height 3.36 in (85.3 mm)
Depth 26.32 in (668.5 mm)
Agency Approvals N/A
Power N/A
Environmental Limits Operating Temperature Range: 50° F to 95° F (10° C to 35° C)
Non-Condensing Humidity Range: 20% - 80%
Operating Vibration: 1G at 10-300Hz random for 120 minutes max duration Operating Shock: 6 pulses of 33G for up to 2ms
Operating Altitude: 0 ft. to 10,000 ft (0 m to 3,048 m)
Non-Operating Temperature Range: 14° F to 149° F (-10°C to 65° C)
Non-Condensing Humidity Range: 5% to 95%
Non-Operating Vibration: 2G at 5-500Hz for 90 minutes max duration
Operating Altitude: 0 ft. to 35,000 ft. (0 m to 10,668 m)
Standard Warranty 3-year: 24x7 Telephone Support, Advanced Parts Replacement
Supported Platforms N/A

DX Series Comparison:

Features SnapServer DX1 SnapServer DX2
Best Fit For Workgroups, departments or remote offices requiring up to 160TB of storage Large businesses with higher performance needs and scalability requirements
Concurrent Users <100 100-500
Performance 40MB/s 350MB/s
System Scalability Up to 160TB with three SnapExpansion Chassis Up to 384TB with seven SnapExpansion Chassis
Power Supplies Single Dual
Network Connectivity 2 X GbE Up to 6 x 1GbE or 4 x 10GbE (2 X 1GbE included)
Drives Supported Enterprise Class SATA-II Enterprise Class SATA-II, 6Gb SAS, or SSD drives
RAID Levels Supported Traditional RAID - 0,1,5,6,10 DynamicRAID - Single or Dual Parity Traditional RAID - 0,1,5,6,10 DynamicRAID - Single or Dual Parity
Remote Management
iSCSI Support
SnapServer Manager (Remote Management)
Form Factor 1U 4-drive rackmount 2U 12-drive rackmount
Network File Protocols Microsoft Networks SMB (1.0)/CIFS (NTLM); CIFS via Mac OS X; NFS v2, v3, v4 (UDP/TCP); Apple AFP; FTP/FTPS; HTTP/HTTPS (1.1) Microsoft Networks SMB (1.0)/CIFS (NTLM); CIFS via Mac OS X; NFS v2, v3, v4 (UDP/TCP); Apple AFP; FTP/FTPS; HTTP/HTTPS (1.1)
Memory Up to 4GB maximum, 2GB standard Up to 16GB maximum, 4GB standard
VMware Support VMware Ready VMware Ready
Physical Width: 17.17 in (436 mm)
Height: 1.73 in (44 mm)
Depth: 19.25 in (489 mm)
Weight: Without drives: 18 lbs (8.2 kg)
With four drives: 24 lbs (10.9 kg)
Width: 17.17 in (436.1 mm)
Height: 3.36 in (85.3 mm)
Depth: 26.32 in (668.5 mm)


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