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RAINcloud OS
File System, Volume Manager and Data Protection

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RAINcloud OS Overview:

RAINcloud OS™ is specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges of managing a high-performance multi-node clustered NAS system. Installed on each SnapScale node, RAINcloud OS combines three layers of traditional storage architectures - file system, volume manager and data protection - into one unified global namespace, creating a single intelligent file system that spans all nodes in a SnapScale cluster.

With This Product You Can...

  • Easily configure, manage, and monitor your SnapScale Cluster(s) from anywhere in the world
  • Effortlessly move data to your SnapScale X2 with the built-in data migration tool
  • Share data across Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Macintosh platforms
  • Grow by adding nodes or drives on-the-fly with no downtime
  • Maintain established security and permissions across platforms
  • Automatically create a home directory for each user
  • Store and manage file-based data in a single global namespace
  • Protect your data with multiple redundancy options, snapshots, and replication
  • Scale volumes instantly, with no intervention
  • Backup to Disk, VTL, or Tape


  • Infinitely scalable - will grow to thousands of nodes with petabytes of raw storage
  • Highly available - with 99.999% uptime due to full system redundancy
  • Allows administrators to manage a single global namespace, no matter how much storage is added
  • High performance - performance scales linearly as nodes are added
  • Simple to configure - Configure a cluster in less than 10 minutes with the easy-to-use RAINcloud OS configuration wizard
  • Intelligent Clustering - Optimize data distribution, protection and performance automatically
  • Unified Storage - Consolidate your storage by hosting both block and file level data



RAINcloud OS allows the SnapScale clustered NAS systems to start as small as 3 nodes and scale to hundreds or thousands of nodes. This allows storage administrators to achieve up to petabytes of raw capacity within a single global namespace, minimizing the complexity of managing a large storage infrastructure. Scale storage by simply adding hard drives or additional nodes, while clients remain online and connected to data.


RAINcloud OS offers automated optimization of performance within the SnapScale clustered NAS environment. Capacity and performance resources are automatically balanced across each node in the system-wide cluster. When adding additional storage to SnapScale, the Data Balancer will ensure that new resources are integrated to provide maximum benefit to the entire cluster.

Thinly Provisioned

All RAINcloud OS storage volumes are thinly provisioned to allow growth to proceed without limitations. All volumes share the available global namespace and can be grown by simply adding hard drives or additional nodes. If necessary administrators can apply volume capacity limits that can be changed at will, or reverted back to limitless volumes.

High Availability and Data Protection

RAINcloud OS protects data globally through a unique data protection algorithm. The redundancy technology is designed for high availability and allows the system to absorb multiple concurrent failures across all levels of the storage system. With options for either 2-way or 3-way file redundancy across a cluster, the SnapScale system can withstand multiple drive or node failures without any data loss or loss of cluster connections.

Unified Storage

RAINcloud OS allows the storage of both block and file-based data on a single SnapScale clustered NAS system. Take advantage of common networking protocols such as SMB, NFS, HTTP or FTP for file sharing, collaboration and backup, and host database storage and virtualized servers on SnapScale iSCSI LUNs. Support your server consolidation and virtualization initiatives with a single SnapScale cluster in your environment.


To insure redundancy in the event of a failure, failed drives are automatically rebuilt using RapidRebuild within the system and minimizes the time spent operating in a degraded state. RapidRebuild also reduces the overall system impact of drive failures compared to traditional NAS with RAID. Unlike the performance impact failures can cause in a traditional architecture, RapidRebuild data protection isolates failures minimizing their impact on system performance. With the spare distributer, rebalance hot-spares within your cluster after a drive rebuild to automate the distribution of data protection.

Simple Management

The SnapScale storage system is designed for utilization in quickly growing environments with unstructured data, and allows administrators to completely automate all tasks associated with deployment, provisioning, monitoring and reporting. The RAINcloud OS Alert System also notifies the administrator in the event of an optimization event recommendation to ensure that data and spares are balanced across the entire cluster to maximize performance.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications:
Operating System Basis Derived from Linux
File System Type Distributed file system with distributed metadata
Max File Size Variable
Data Redundancy Levels Supported 2-way or 3-way inter-node data redundancy
Network File Protocols Microsoft Networks SMB (1.0/2.0/2.1) / CIFS (NTLM)
CIFS via Mac OS X
Network Transport Protocols TCP/IP; UDP/IP
Network Client Types Microsoft Windows 2000 and later
Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8 (via CIFS/SMB)
Microsoft Active Directory Support Yes
Operates in both native and mixed domains.
Management Interface Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
UPS Support APC brand UPS: With network management card or USB connection
Backup Agent Support Symantec NetBackup 7.5
Symantec Backup Exec 2012
Support for Network Backup Yes, with compatible backup agent
Support for local Tape Backup Yes- SAS or USB connected tape libraries or autoloaders
NDMP Support No
Snapshot Capability Yes
Anti-Virus Support No
Replication Support Yes (SnapEDR)
Volume-based Quotas Yes
Unix NIS Security User/Group List Download only
Windows Security Microsoft Active Directory Service (ADS) (member server)
Share/ File-Level Securityy Share access control lists (ShACLs); share export options for NFS; Unix/POSIX file permissions; NTFS-style file system ACLs.
File/Directory Ownership User, Group, Other for Unix/POSIX permissions; user/group (SID) for NTFS permissions
Windows/CIFS Permission ACE Support All standard NTFS file security bits.
Maximum Number of ACE Entries per ACL, File, Subdirectory 1000 per sub directory or file
Inheritance Levels Supported All standard NTFS file security inheritance levels
RAID Type RAIN - 2-way or 3-way data redundancy
Maximum number of Volumes 256
Maximum number of SnapShots 256
Thin Provisioning Yes
Maximum Volume Size Limited to total system capacity
Maximum number of iSCSI LUNS 256 per node
Maximum iSCSI Disk Size Limited to total system capacity
Maximum Number of Shares 500
Maximum Share Name Size 27 Characters
Maximum Local Users 2,000
Maximum Microsoft Windows Domain Users 600,000 can use the system
Maximum NIS Users Determined by external system
  Data Protection System Management Utilities
Notable Features
  • Automatic failover
  • RAIN
  • Snapshots
  • Flexible Volumes
  • Replication w/Snap EDR™ (optional*)
  • Backup to VTL or Tape with supported backup agents
  • RapidRebuild™
  • Multi-system Management with SnapServer Manager™
  • Volume-Based Quotas
  • Home Directories
  • Command Line Interface
  • SNMP and Email Alerts
  • NTP Support
  • Network Load Balancing
  • UPS
  • Supports Automated Update Notification
  • Data Import Tool
  • Network Port Performance Monitoring
  • Data Balancer
  • Spare Distributor

Comparison Chart:

Simple. Intuitive. Effective.
Building upon our foundation of storage expertise and relentless innovation, Overland offers a powerful set of software tools that help you to store, manage, and protect your data with greater ease and power. Whether you're integrating a new SnapServer into your Windows domain, sending or receiving data across multiple locations, or viewing the current status of all your Overland devices, our software is simple to deploy, intuitive to use, and effective for the task.

  RAINcloud OS GuardianOS Create Private Cloud SnapServer Manager Snap EDR
Product Type Software Software Software Software Software
Description Linux-based platform OS for Scale-out NAS Linux-based platform OS for NAS Multi-platform file syncing Java-enabled management for multiple SnapServers Multi-directional, WAN-based replication
Product Line SnapScale Series SnapServer Series SnapServer NAS SnapServer and Snap SAN SnapServer Series
Capability - - Fast, free, unlimited and secure file-syncing Remote Management Replication (with Snap EDR™)
Included With All SnapScale Systems All SnapServer systems SnapServer NAS SnapServer N2000, 410, 210, SnapServer SAN S2000 All SnapScale Systems
Optional With - - - - All SnapServer systems


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